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We love the heart you have for your flock and want to support your pastorship.

So we decided to create a specific email series just for you. In it you will get a copy of each of our resources and special tips from Caleb Breakey about publishing and book ministry.


Resources made just for you.


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Library of Resources

  • Turn your Sermons in to a Book

  • Sermon To Book Blueprint

    A step by step guide to our process with special tips along the way. 
  • Sermon Crunch

    Sermon Crunch is about providing you with 7 structural pillars that strengthen your sermon prep, meditation, and prayer—not take away from them. 
  • Pastor Email Power

    72 letter prompts designed to help you say exactly what you mean in every kind of situation. 
  • Pastor Productivity Maximizer

    Get an extra hour or more of free time each day with a more productive workflow.